Good Day ,I have currently moved into a ...

Asked by shaida on 10-01-2018 13:27:24
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Good Day ,

I have currently moved into a flat in Mindalore ,

and  have signed contract's as well i seem to be having a problem with my statement ,

my current rent is R3800 which i have no problem for however i will list what i seem to have a problem with :

I am being charged for water at R316  every month ( Same amount )and according to my landlord its in there clause !

Sewerage - I have called the municipality and the amount i am meant to be paying is R221 but am being charged R241

Basic electricty charge - I am being charged R330.04 every month (Same amount) once again according to my landlord it is according to there clause !

Refuse - I have called the municipality and the amount i am meant to pay is R146 BUT I AM BEING CHARGED R216

Electricity - meter reading's are taken but weirdly no one see's the guys taking the readings and know in Dec 2017 we have been charged and estimate for January 2018 rent - is that even corret ,

i mean how can they give an estimate ? and if i do not use as much electricity ?then what

Then lastly i am being charged R69.55 every month for admin fees ? according the clause once again .

I have queried this with my landlord on email and i was told it is according the the clause i signed ,

I am highly unhappy about this , and when i speak to my neighbours we all are paying almost the same amount but we are all at work ,

so i cannot see how the electricity is being used ?

Please advise me here me here

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