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Asked by GarthS on 15-10-2014 13:55:39
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Good Day

My company GLT Chemicals obtained a quotation from a registered Hazardous Chemical Solutions company to deliver a service (collection; transportation and disposing of Hazardous chemicals). Collection was from Botswana with return to RSA for the disposal thereof.
Since placing an order with them and having to pay up front, this three day project quoted for has become a two week nightmare with multiple pitfall along the way. eg Personnel, Vehicles and Equipment not being Hazchem compliant as per their quoted scope of work. Their vehicles and crew been turned away twice now in succession from my clients premises (a diamond mine in Botswana) due to non hazchem compliance.
On numerous discussions with this supplier, they have mentioned that both ourselves and our client in Botswana need to be patient, as their transporter of choice had been incompetent and let them down on both occassions and now they required more time to sort out alternate transportation.
My client has not been happy with the ongoing excusses and holdups to date, which I have put to my supplier, but they still did not adhere to the urgency of mine and my clients plee.
Unfortunately for ourselves my client has now cancelled the order with my company and sourced an alternate company to complete the work that we failed to do and has mentioned in their mail that we have caused them a considerable amount of embarrasment and have also delayed the contractors that were scheduled to commence civil work on this particular site where the chemicals are presently stored.

Q: Where do we stand regarding payback and compensation for damages caused to my company due to this suppliers breach of contract?.



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