My fiance and I built a "backroom" at hi...

Asked by Londiwe on 19-11-2021 10:13:19
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My fiance and I built a "backroom" at his family home(grandmother's home) 2 years ago, which is legally owned by his uncle(his father's elder brother;deceased,not married) due to the law that applied in the pass restricting women from owning a house (they were moved from one location to the next as a community). The uncle due to not having male children decided that his nephew(my fiance) will be the one to own/inherit the property and called a meeting which consisted of his 2 sister's who are also now deceased, his brother(recently deceased) and his brother's wife(still alive;fiance's mother) he let them know of his intentions and had an understanding of was to happen. After a few years he called my fiance to let him know that his daughter's that pushed and cornered him to add them on the "permit" at the local municipality office. He then went on to instruct him to come back home from Johannesburg  to Newcastle so they can go to the offices and change the title deed itself to my fiances name but when they got there they found out that the fee they had to pay in order for them to change the title deed was too much so he decided to add him in the "permit" while they tried to raise the fee needed but unfortunately he soon after fell ill and passed on.The daughter continued to stay at the home and has always know what his father's wish was and my fiance thought they understood each other in terms of that but since we have been staying at the house she has been assaulting us ,damaging our property and so on. We did not think we wil have to fight so we have no clue what out rights or options are please help.

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