Good Day SirMadamI was helping a guy out...

Asked by Nashley on 15-12-2019 16:51:50
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Good Day Sir/Madam

I was helping a guy out with finances but he kept making excuses on repaying me and expected more in order to get my own money back. It started with a cellphone i bought on behalf of him with my money until he got paid from his work in order to pay me back which he never did because he left his job due to not getting paid. I continued to help him get a job so he can pay me then he would ask me money to help him out which i give then when he got money he said the bank has it but won't give it because its freeze so in order to get the money i need to give him money the whole time to unfreeze it which i believe him and kept giving until i had enough and almost lost my job and couldn't cope with my own basic needs with my parents which i support. I tried reaching out to his sister which she didn't help me then telling me to let it go and to leave him alone but gave me their mother number i didn't contact her because he was threating me that he wouldn't give my money back, he would kill himself and blame me for itand he also would tell me that he would get people to kill me and my family if i spoke to anyone about what he was doing. I tried stop giving him money but he could find a way to get hold of me and if i said i didn't have he would get people to watch me if i go to shops etc or he would threat me not giving my money back. I also find out that he was using the money for himself and entertain other people. He would always say that he doesn't have money for things to get my money. Their this lady from standard bank who keep making excuses for him and saying its my fault that his struggling and its the banks fault that expected alot of money from me. His telling everyone lies about himself that his not working and his parents kick him out etc but all this time he was at home. I spoke to his father since the mother wasn't at home and i told him everything he promised me that he would sort this out and get back to me i give him my number, mother number and father number but nothing happen i know that he spoke to them because the guy sister confront me saying that why did i lie and why do i involve her in when she knew nothing but she did know everything and i got a message again from the guy telling me that im going to see whats his going to do because i don't listen and im coward because i didn't response to me but he keep on message me and i just tell him to leave me alone. I don't know what else to do anymore because all i want is my money from him its alot of money like my savings and more. im suffering now because i believe this lady from the bank that i will get my money but instead i got nothing now im left with nothing while he enjoyed everything. His lying about everything he works and stay with his parents the whole time. What should i do in order to get my money from him and for him to leave me alone? His parents aren't helping because they didn't get back to me since i spoke to them. 

Hope you can help me in anyway on what i should do next.

Thanking in advance

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