Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legal Advice

Article posted in the General Law category on 31-03-2020 10:19:43

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which is currently impacting on virtually every country on the planet has caused huge legal disputes between people because of uncertainty in complying with legal obligations contained in agreements. If you are affected, and you need advice from a lawyer, please let us know.

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How can a citizen's responsibilities protect others against xenophobia?

Article posted in the General Law category on 09-07-2017 18:13:30

Recently there have been a number of users asking questions such as "How can a citizen's responsibilities protect others against xenophobia?" or "Which law protects citizens against xenophobia?"

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What are the ethical and IPR issues that the faculty are confronted with?

Article posted in the General Law category on 09-07-2017 18:15:10

Recently there have been many people asking questions such as "What are the ethical and IPR issues that the faculty are confronted with?"

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Who qualifies for legal aid in South Africa?

Article posted in the General Law category on 12-09-2016 12:14:48

Who qualifies for legal aid? Legal Aid South Africa (“LASA“) has a mandate from the South African Constitution to help the poor get tax-funded legal assistance. It is important that we make sure the people we help need our assistance the most. If you ask LASA for legal assistance they will ask you to complete a form so they can understand how much money you get each month and what things you own, like a car or house. This is called the Means Test. A Legal Aid South Africa official is always available to help you fill this form in.

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The Children's Act 38 of 2005

Article posted in the Family Law category on 23-10-2014 10:00:42

The Children's Act 38 of 2005 has influenced not only the rights of children and parents, but also the way in which any disputes in this area are dealt with in practice. Our courts have also had to move away from certain traditional prejudices, and embrace the new approach to these legal proceedings set out by the Act.

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Drafting a Letter of Demand

Article posted in the General Law category on 12-09-2016 12:19:24

Almost every business in the world is going to experience a time when a customer fails, refuses or neglects to pay an invoice, and the business is then left with a bad debt in their books. The issuing of a legal letter of demand is traditionally the first step taken in order to recover that bad debt from the customer, and is sometimes a prerequite step before you can commence legal proceedings against the customer in a Court of law. The letter of demand traditionally sets out the facts that gave rise to the debt, advises the customer as to certain rights that the customer has, and then demands payment of that outstanding debt by a certain date. The letter of demand can also advise the customer that the business will accept payment of the debt by way of monthly instalments, however this is not necessary. There are occassions where legislation requires you to include certain statements in a letter of demand. If you don't, then you won't be entitled to sue the customer until you've complied with those requirements!

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How to do an accurate Accrual Calculation

Article posted in the Divorce Law category on 12-09-2016 12:20:12

Let's look at a practical example of an accrual calculation. Let say a couple got married in early 2000 with an ante nuptial contract which included the accrual system. This is how things stood at the beginning of the marriage: Husband owned a home worth R350,000 at the time and also a car worth R120,000. Wife owned furniture worth R60,000 and a car worth R85,000. Their combined assets stood at R615 000, with the husband responsible for R470 000 thereof and the wife the remaining R145 000. Neither had any liabilities. But then, how do you actually do the calculation ???

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Law Societies of South Africa

Article posted in the General Law category on 01-01-2014 11:00:00

The Law Society of South Africa promotes the substantive transformation of the legal profession through its leadership role; represents and promotes the common interests of the profession, having regard at all times to the broader interests of the public, whom the profession serves; empowers the profession by providing training to candidate attorneys and continuing professional development to attorneys to ensure quality legal service to the community in an ethical, professional, competent and caring manner. 

Visit the The Law Society of South Africa's website here: 

There are also a number of Regional Law Societies to which attorneys are members of which are listed in the remainder of this article.

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