Good morning. I need divorce advice. Mar...

Asked by Sanette on 17-12-2019 13:13:34
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Good morning. I need divorce advice. Married in COP for 22 years. 18 months ago my husband started regularly sleeping out for projects he worked on. Sometimes he hadn't slept at home for weeks on end. Finally moved out during March. I was financially dependant on him during the time we were married, as I worked for his companies. I run my own business for 3 years, which I lost because I had little or no assistance from him paying any bills. He left me emotionally broken, and made a lot of debt in the name of the company he had. He made me sign co surity on these debts telling me that it will be a new start for us. Then he closed the doors, packed up and left me. We have 3 kids turning 20, 18 and 14 this coming year, of which the family home registered to both our names is primary residence. I would like to know what can I legally claim regarding maintenance for myself and my kids, the youngest 2 are still in school and hostel. I work for 7000 per month, his salary is 4 or 5 times that. He currently pays hostel fees fir our 1 son,  the house, a 180 per month cellphone contract for both me and my daughter, and the car I am driving. Between myself and my 20 year old son we maintain the house, hospital plan payments, car insurance etc. He only contributed towards groceries or other expenses 2 times during the months that we have been seperated, I am arrears on all my personal accounts because I couldn't keep everything paid up to date with no income. He does't answer my calls or messages, and I want to know what support I am legally entitled to from him.

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