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Asked by van aswegen on 24-04-2021 09:30:53
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Good day, a frield of mine received a call from a stranger, asking about me, the friend and I chatted a bit and visited a few times. I have a number of someone and asked if he can help solve the riddle, because the person calling talked about murder.  I did not know this person is a police officer.  He said he wants tomeet me and told me my friend was being investigated for calling women, but he did not said about what, and they reported it to police.  He wanted to know if i have another cell number and the friends address, because i had no idea what this is about, i said i do not know where he lives.  I know it is against the law and i can get arrested, the police man know my son, and called my son, telling my son that i am not giving him info he wants from me, now my son is livid with me, i know i did wrong, the policeman said he wants to keep me out of the investigation out of respect of my son, and i already am part of this case.  I am not a trusting person and dont know if the policeman lies, living in South Africa, how else...  I still dont know if there really was a case opened, or did someone asked him on the sideline to do something like slandering...  Please i have no idea what to do, i said to my son i will try and find the address to cover myself.  Is there a way i can draw up a declaration with the info i have so he  leaves me alone?  He said he is trying to help me staing out of the investigation, but i dont trust him, because he knows more detail than me but ask me the address.  There is something bothering me about the whole thing.  This is in Bloemfontein, maybe hou can see if there is such a case?  Please, i never had trouble with police and want to keep my side clean.

Can someone PLEASE assist me asap, thank you, Louise

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When is someone getting back to me please?

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When is someone getting back to me please?

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 25-04-2021 08:28:39

Hi there and thank you for your question,

I am a practicing attorney based in South Africa and I will assist you with your question. Please feel free to ask as many follow up questions in order to clarify your question. If you have a new question, you must please open a new thread.

Please keep in mind that our discussions is for general information purposes only. Our engagement on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. 

Do you mind if I take a moment to review your question? I will come back to you shortly!

In the interim, what outcome do you envision at this point based on what you've said above?

How do you know that this person was a police person? What makes you think this?

If you want, and you are sure that he is a SAPS member, there is nothing stopping you from just handing over the address and/or telephone number in order to get yourself out of the case.

Just be aware that it might be some sort of SCAM whereby the "police" person tells you that you are in big trouble for withholding information "but" for just R1000 you can get out of it completely. You must NOT pay anyone any money. 

Watch out for SCAMS.

Att. Patrick

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Hi Patric, the policeman came visit in a police bakkie and had police uniform, also a lady assistant in the passenger seat. I gave the address and he said it is false, but I know it is the correct address because the lady was posting it on a group, was once his girlfriend and she was spitefully inviting people to his place. But the policeman said there was other people living there and said I give him false information, he really has a bad attitude, totally unprofessional and rude. Always accusing me of giving false info. He didnt ask money of any sort. Can I be arrested or charged with anything? Is there a way to find out of there is truly a real case against my friend? Thank you

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 28-04-2021 14:28:36

I think that you need to tell the policeman that you're willing to do an affidavit setting out the address, and that it is the only address that you know, and that you are not giving him false information.

Can you maybe also show him a picture of the group which shows the address? That will be your proof.

No, you can't be arrested or charged with anything. You're just giving him information which you found online. It is up to him to do his job and find / verify the address!

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