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Asked by Nathan on 10-05-2023 13:20:21
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I'm looking for an answer from a lawyer with recently experience of visa applications.

I am from Uganda and would like to apply for a visitors visa for 5 weeks. From an agency in Uganda I have been told two things that I would like to verify with you. 

1) Athough I want to stay for 5 weeks, I can only apply for two weeks to start with and then get an extension once there.

2) I need to have around 50 000 rand in my bank statement to meet the financial requirements.

Is what I am being told correct? The 50 000 rand in particular sounds really too much for a visitor and I wonder if I am being scammed.

Further information relating to Question:

I have already paid for accomodation and flights.

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 10-05-2023 14:00:24

Hi there and thank you for your question.

Visitors’ visas are for international travellers (citizens of other countries) who have permanent residence outside South Africa and who wish to visit South Africa on a temporary basis for tourism or business purposes for a period of 90 days or less.

Requirements for visitor’s visas differ from country to country, and the requirements are subject to change. 

South African visitors’ visas may be granted for visits to family or friends and also for tourism purposes.

The documents that you will require in order to apply for a tourism visa to South Africa are listed on this page: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/applying-for-sa-visa

I think that the R50k mentioned would be the sufficient funds that you would need in order to pay for your living expenses while in South Africa. I don't know whether the amount is exactly R50k, or thereabouts. The amount could also decrease if you have pre-paid for your hotel, and other things. 

You should NOT be paying this money to anyone. You would just need proof (part of your visa application) that you have access to R50k so you can survive. e.g. debit card, credit card, cash, etc. 

I don't know why he is telling you that you can only get a 2 week visa and then you have to renew it. What you should be applying for is a visa which runs for the full duration of your intended trip. i.e. 5 weeks. 

A visitor visa is usually valid for 3 months unless the visa has been applied for on other grounds. 


If you have already paid for your accommodation, then you should print out proof of your reservations and proof of payment and include that in your visa application.

Message from the Lawyer

Posted by Att. Patrick on 10-05-2023 14:02:39

South Africa has launched an eVisa for Ugandan citizens.

Uganda is one of 14 countries whose citizens can now get a visa for South Africa online. South Africa’s eVisa system went live in February 2022.

The new electronic visa makes travelling from Uganda to South Africa easier. Ugandan nationals can apply for a South African visa online and receive the approved travel permit by email.

South Africa’s eVisa requirements for Ugandans, and how to apply, are explained on this page.


Message from the client

Thank you very much for advice. The issue I have is that the person is offering to lend me money to prove the R50k. I understand that the cost of living isn't so much and that R50k seems like a lot. I have around R20k in my account and I wondered if that would be enough? Another option I have is just to go for less time (2 weeks for example) so the amount is less.

Message from the Lawyer

Posted by Att. Patrick on 10-05-2023 15:13:25

If you are coming to SA for 5 weeks, then you will essentially have R10k / week, which is about R1,400 per day. If you are on holiday, you can easily spend that in a day. 

"I have around R20k in my account and I wondered if that would be enough?" --> It might be enough, because you've already paid for your accommodation. Hence my suggestion of including proof of payment for your accommodation in your visa application.

"The issue I have is that the person is offering to lend me money to prove the R50k." --> This sounds very suspicious. What is in it for this person? A high interest rate? I don't really understand why this person would be willing to help you, unless it was a family member?

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