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ChatGPTWrite a nessage for an attorney, be polite. Write that I am being sued by MTI liquidation, asking back the money I used for the platform. They are saying that I made multiple account that I had all control over, when I actually just created an account for my wife and parents, because they did not know how. We did remove the money from my account and transfered it to my wifes account, because we wanted the 10% referral, we then moved it from my wife's to my parents, again for the 10% referral, however, at the end the money was stil in my fathers account, and we never got anything out. They now wants us to pay everything back for each account, but it was the same money that was moved. We never created any illegal accounts. We invested R100 000 in my name, we then made money (not sure about the amount, I think R10 000), then removed the total of R110 000, placed it under my wife's name, removed R120 000 and so on until my father, but we never got the money out, so don't know how we can pay them of wenever got anything out? I think the misinterpretation is at the multiple accouns perhaps that linked to the same bank account, in which the money was then removed, but they are then again placed back into MTI. Any advice please?ChatGPT

Subject: Legal Assistance Needed for MTI Liquidation Lawsuit

Dear [Attorney's Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your legal advice regarding a lawsuit filed against me by MTI Liquidation. They are demanding that I repay the money I invested on their platform, alleging that I created multiple accounts over which I had full control. I would like to provide some context to clarify the situation:

Account Creation: I created accounts for my wife and parents, as they were unfamiliar with the process and needed assistance.Funds Transfer: We transferred funds between these accounts primarily to take advantage of the 10% referral bonus MTI offered. Specifically, I initially invested R100,000 in my own account, earned R10,000, and then transferred the R110,000 to my wife’s account. From there, we transferred R120,000 to my parents' accounts following the same rationale.Current Status of Funds: Ultimately, all the funds remained in my father's account. We did not withdraw any money from the MTI platform at any point; thus, we never benefitted financially from these transfers outside the MTI system.Allegations by MTI: MTI is now asking us to repay the funds for each account, although it was the same money being moved from one account to another, and no illegal accounts were created.

I believe there may be a misunderstanding, particularly regarding the multiple accounts being linked to the same bank account and the subsequent internal transfers within the MTI platform.

Could you please provide advice on how to address these allegations and what steps I should take next? Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your guidance.

Best regards

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