Hi i was going to use a builder to build...

Asked by Anonymous on 31-01-2020 16:19:48
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Hi i was going to use a builder to build two wendy houses on my property but by day three after i had paid him 55k half of his fees it was found that we were not going to get anywhere as he was doing things wrong and i wasnt happy so i told him to cancel now three months down the line despite going to the police to the banks to a lawyer who got to letters of demand (but as it was before christmas she wanted to push for summons and i asked on social media they all said wait until after new year she didnt like it and told me to find another lawyer) that cost me R6000 i got another lawyer she is once again at letter of demand which expires on Monday and then we go to summons - this guy thinks its a big joke (a guy from zimbabwe) and thinks he is going to get away with keeping my 55k - i now got to the point that i think this is going to be one big waste of time as even when summons issued is he going to ignore this as the banks dont seem to worry that he has 55k of money that he hasnt earned a cent of, i really am at a point when i am getting sickk and tired of this and hope this is not going to drag on as after three months he has probably already spent this money

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