Good eveningI'm looking for advice. I ap...

Asked by Jeffrey on 21-08-2020 17:53:08
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Good evening

I'm looking for advice. I applied through one debt a debt counseling company in October 2019 they gave me a quote of R7000 a month to distribute. Three months down the line after I had paid the first three months in fees they said that it would need to go up to R8000 some change. I asked how if they had quoted me R7000. So aparently Westbank declined their offer not sure what that means they didn't explain to me the consequences if I didn't pay the increased price. In January this year I had Westbank arrive at my work to reposes my viehcle I immediately got hold of Westbank and aparently the agreement between one debt and Westbank had fallen away and I was R21000 in arrears. All news too me I got hold of Nosicelo at one debt she tried to sort it out but failed. I came to an agreement with Westbank to pay it off and catch it up. Nosicelo from one debt advised me that I shouldn't pay them the R7000 a month I should catch up on my viehcle installments. She advised me that if I get any demands or corospondence from the other company's I owed money I should forward it too her too sort out. I advised her that it should take about three months to sort out the viehcle. Then lock down came along I got put on short time my ex who me I have two kids with which live with me lost her job and have been sitting without maintenance since. I finally managed too catch up my van now I have all the other debtors sending me final demands phoning me daily. I forwarded all the info along as one debt has charged me a fee to sort this out it has been almost three weeks to no avail. In the beginning the said they were going to get a reduction in my interest rates too which I'm still waiting on. I have sent nomourous email and phone calls and I'm still sitting in the dark. Lack of communication on their side poor service all round and almost a year later I am worse off than when I started with them and a whole lot of attorneys harassing me for payment, payment plans ect. I have no clue on financial law and the things that need to get this fixed. As far as I'm concerned one debt has not supplied me with the services they told me I was gonna get reduction in interest rates no harrasing phone calls from banks attorneys, lesser monthly payments like I said I'm worse of now than when I began with them. If you could just advise what is the next step that I should take or is there any way you could help.

Regards Jeffrey Crow.

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