in the will i am the fruit carrier, also...

Asked by Rodney on 30-09-2020 10:30:50
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in the will i am the fruit carrier, also in the will it stated that nobody can approach me via a bribe or for me to sell my property to anybody for a trade of the house. my sister who is the executer of the will to advantage of her position taking me to the police station to get an affidavit that i need to give my own house to her son, then i can get her share of my mothers house. the value of my mothers house is R100 000, my house is R290 000. also as me being the fruit carrier for life i could not see why i must give my house away to her. i know I've done wrong by signing the affidavit unknowing what the will said, because i was in morn. my sister and her husband bullied me by taking advantage of their power. also in the will it stated that no spouse must interfere, but my brother in-law did. my question can i make affidavit void and sell my house to buy my sister and brother out. a well know hotel in Somerset west closed and i am unemployed. I'm 52 years old. what can i do to keep my own house and to sell it so that i can buy the other two out so that i then can take full ownership of my mothers house. or not rent my own house out seeing that ive got life occupansy of my mothers house as a fruit carrieer as per the will

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