My spouse and I have been in Italy due t...

Asked by Chants1 on 15-10-2020 18:23:10
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My spouse and I have been in Italy due to elder commitments required by Italian law for over 20 years

 The other sibling completely abandoned this  duty which under Italian law Is a compulsory duty.

Over the years we have tried to contact the other sibling over neccessary cosignatory issues, largely the other sibling responded,only if the interests were to his direct benefit , but largely ignored or avoided all' contact.

Eventually we gave up, because the municipality where the sibling was born, says he Is untraceable.

Recently I discovered by accident that the sibling Is deceased, 6 months after the fact

The estate has already been publically declared, and yet , despite every possible legal channel, we are unable to get a death certificate, in order to free my spouse to tie up longstanding issues here in Italy.

Without going into detail, I have fine through every legitimate channel, I could name them, but briefly, the local Police, the Italian consulate in Cape Town, the master of the High Court, the school where the widow and second wife Is employed, various  free advice legal agencies, finally the widow sent me an email with permission to contact the estate attorney,  who simply has not replied to my request.

We need this document urgently , due to

possible legal prescription periods etc

Could you help us?

Thank you

Chantelle Dower

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