Hi. In SA.Getting divorced.Will be selli...

Asked by Tenille on 28-12-2020 10:17:30
Question posted in the Family Law category relating to KwaZulu-Natal

Hi. In SA.

Getting divorced.

Will be selling jointly bonded house.

He is living in our house and i have moved to my mother with our 5 year old.

His new girlfriend moved into our house with him. I have him paying me 1/2 the bond and full utility bill after I demanded it.

Am I legally allowed to tell him to remove her from that house that i still own 50% of, or have him pay more on the bond?

We will look to sell the house very soon, as it is he is stalling the selling due to him building a new house for himself. 

I want her out,can I legally do something about her there or in terms of him paying me more now. The bond is on debit order on my bank account.



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