Good day,Trust you are well. Kindly assi...

Asked by Anonymous on 05-01-2021 12:57:13
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Good day,

Trust you are well. 

Kindly assist me regarding my car finance. 

Last year I had default on my installment, which I have been trying to get assistance or make payments arrangements with wesbank and it's hasn't bear any fruit to this day since I lost my job. I have never received even a mail from them asking what is going on why the payments were not received nothing. So yesterday while waiting for my cousin's at her place VW pulled out two guys knock on the window saying they are from Wesbank they were sent to get the car because my account is is arrears. At first I hesitate, thinking how can out of the blue randomly now people are getting the car. Not from my home address mind you. And they bully me saying that they do not want to cause a scene I need to voluntarily give them the car it will be kept I think in Roodepoort for safety till I can make arrangements for areas with a form. That they will inspect the car, tyres and petrol. Which I don't recall seeing that being done. Then they call who ever they called from the office that they confirming that I need to give them the car and sign that " voluntary form" and that I have 10 days to choose whether I can pay arrears or its will be auction for them to get their monies if sold less then its on me. There was never ever summon sent to or sherif nothing, then this happened. Been on the phone with them since 8:00 and am sure have spoke to almost 20 people. No one knows how did I then can the car been taken without letter of demand or serving from sherif. Only after they left I realized but wait how did I let them take the car without necessary paperwork. And they now asking me for the names of the people who took the car. They had no name tags, or any identification that they are from wesbank. Am in the process of being under debt review, but now I have the problem that this issue seems like no one knows what's happening. And time is ticking 

Kind regards


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