Hi, I believe I was raped in 2018.i have...

Asked by tsungia on 18-01-2021 21:41:18
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Hi, I believe I was raped in 2018.i have been afraid to come out as I was not sure how this would reflect on me as a person. I attended a party at a hotel in sun city as part of a conference we were having. After spending some time chatting with people and drinking I blacked our and only remembered waking up with a guy in my bed. I was naked and I realised something had happened. The guy left and I showered but passed out shortly afterwards. When I woke up I was feeling light headed and fatigued and I went to the hospital where I explained the situation to the doctor who took some tests and told me that they found the date rape drug in my system. I'm not sure if they kept this report or keep it on file. I was prescribed pep and tested and had to take some medication for some time. I know this person and recently confronted them and he confirmed that we had sex but it was consensual. I have no recollection of the act or the consent or the night or how and why of all the people there he chose to walk me to my room as it was my first night seeing and speaking to him but I suspect he slipped something into my drink. Even if he didn't I feel he took advantage of my incapacitated state. I would like to find out what my options are at the moment. 

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