Hi my name is Richard Seed I used to liv...

Asked by rich1978 on 21-01-2021 17:58:39
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Hi my name is Richard Seed I used to live at 146 West Road Noth Morningside since my dad got the house built in 1975.

I read a post on here that was dated 5 years ago relating to the question, Anyway the fact it was title deed fraud and is still today at the address but away the person is selling the property and I am trying to claim it back due to fraud from the person who has a case since July 2002.

Could you advise of what I can do to prove the title deed fraud that has been taking place at the property address? ?I have been asked by investagaters to open a case but the problem is the matter has been in court 3 times but the properm is I need the origanl title deed because the onces since 1989 till now are fraud on the property.

Anyway what can I do to sort this mess out because fraud needs to be rectferfide for future sale on the above property 146 West Road North Morningside Sandton.

My parents were the origanal owners.

Thanks from Richard

Answer to the Question

Posted by Att. Patrick on 22-01-2021 09:31:30

Hi there,

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When your parents built the house in 1975, did they get a loan / bond from the bank? If so, the bank should have the original title deed. 

The bank will only release the original title deed if the property is sold and the loan / bond is settled in full. 

So you need to find out what happened in that regard.

Att. Patrick 

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