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Asked by Evelyn on 10-03-2021 10:03:23
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To whom it may concern 

This is an enquirery am not sure you can help . I am seeking beneficiary benefits for on behalf of my children who's father worked and died in Cape Town last year . I contacted the Government pension office with an enquirery and without a pension number they cannot help . We live in Canada and therefore have no access to that information although when he was ailing he had mentioned that the children were his beneficiaries. Please advice if you can help .Thanking you in advance 

Evelyn Mvuyekure

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 11-03-2021 20:06:07

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Did the child's father leave a Will, and if so, has his estate been reported to the Master of the High Court, and if so, has the Master appointed an executor?

Att. Patrick 

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Thank you . The answer to your questions.No there was no will , no report to the Master of High Court and there is no executor appointment . I don’t think he had any life insurance but I know he was collecting his pension. He had mentioned to me that the children were his beneficiaries.

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 13-03-2021 07:24:34

If there was no Will, then you must still report his passing to the Master of High Court and have an executor (or representative) appointed by the Master of High Court to administer his estate. 

Who was collecting his pension? The family?

The Government pension office will continue paying his pension benefits out even after his death, so it is worth following up.

The Government pension office must assist you with using his name and ID number. They can't require you to have a pension number, which most people would not know!

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I don’t know who is collecting the pension but I suspected that it is still being payed to his account . The pension office asks for the ID number which I have no way of getting and that is why I am seeking help . I will report to the Master of High Court .

Can you offer advice on how I can get the ID number ?

I really appreciate your help
Thank you so much

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 13-03-2021 10:49:29

The only way to get his ID number is to get one of his children to go to Home Affairs and to ask for a copy of the birth certificate. Either the kids birth certificate (which will show his ID number as the father) or his birth certificate (which will show his own ID number).

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Thank you . Would this be the same ID on the death certificate?

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 14-03-2021 12:04:46

Yes, it would be the father's ID number. That ID number would be on his birth certificate, and on his children's birth certificates, and on his ID book, drivers licence, and death certificate. Also linked to any bank accounts that he held, any companies that he was a director of, and any property that he owned. 

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