Hi! I have quite a few questions. My fri...

Asked by Anonymous on 08-05-2021 22:58:03
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Hi! I have quite a few questions. My friend's parents are divorced and share custody of her and her sister. Lately, my friend hasn't been feeling comfortable around her mom and has constantly been getting into fights with her. She has found her mom bad-mouthing her and her dad and sharing all their personal information about the divorce, custody, and the issues now. Earlier tonight my friend was meant to sleep over at her mom's house but as soon as her boyfriend's son left, my friend felt uncomfortable and wanted to go home (to her dad's place). Her mother did not react well to this news.  Later on, my friend's friend was over. Her friend's mom, boyfriend, my friend's mom, and her boyfriend were all talking together, and as my friend walked by, she heard all the adults talking about her and her dad, saying horrible things, calling her spoiled, badmouthing her dad, etc. My friend walked into the room to confront them and asked why they were talking so rudely and talking crap about her and her dad. My friends friends moms boyfriend (sorry that's confusing) called her rude and asked her why she was eavesdropping, she retaliated by explaining that she was only walking by and asked why he was even in the conversation talking crap about her dad considering that they had only said hi to each other once and that was it.  Her friend's mom proceeded to shout at her saying it was disgusting how she treated adults (keep in mind that they had been bad-mouthing and treating her badly) and her mother did not stand up for her what so ever, her mom actually proceeded to join in on the shouting and the boyfriends joining soon enough leaving 4 adults ganging up against her. She then called me crying hysterically explaining this all to me. Her dad came to pick her up shortly after and she called me once she got home once again. Her friend who was over at her mom's house was still there and texted her saying the adults were all interrogating them. There is more happening but it's too long to explain. Her dad is battling for full custody as neither she nor her sister feels comfortable with their mother. My friend has video evidence of the shouting, her mother being rude, shouting at her, etc. Is there anything we can do to help her dad get custody? Was there anything even slightly illegal? (i trust this is all confidential by the way? sorry this is long)

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