Greetings, my name is Hope Modise. I am ...

Asked by Hope on 22-06-2021 19:27:40
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Greetings, my name is Hope Modise. I am a 19 year old male.

I have finished my matric with bachelor's pass during the 2020 matric year and had applied to study Medicine by the University of Cape Town in 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the requirements of the application were removed, the significant one being a test called the National Benchmark Test(NBT) . This sets to tests a student's language and mathematics abilities. It was no longer part of the requirements as students would need to sit down for it and it would breach the protocol.

As time passed and it was getting nearer to tertiaries opening, the University informed me that I would need to travel to Western Cape by the 1st of March 2021 (I live in Gauteng), this would only make sense if you were accepted, but by this time, had not informed me whether I was accepted or not. Procrastinating to inform me about the application, I naturally got excited assuming that I have been excepted due to fact that I was summoned to Western Cape by 01 March 2021 with lectures beginning 15th March 2021. And then they had to wait until the last minute on the 26th February 2021 to inform me that my application was unsuccessful due to it being "not competitive". Although I felt that they should not have taken such a while, I took it on the chin. 

Now my biggest issue is here:

This year I re-applied at University of Cape Town for the same course again. Due to my results being "not competitive", I applied for matric rewrite in the form of Supplementary Exams during June (I have recently completed the exams). And this year they have not removed National Benchmark Test as a requirement, thus I have registered to write it this June as well. Now, when applying to everything University, they will always ask if you're currently upgrading matric, in order for them to consider you on your new results and not the previous ones. I have indicated on my application to UCT that I am upgrading, meaning that the University can only judge a student based on their new results released in January of the next year along with the 2021 Matriculants results. With regards to NBT, when you apply they ask for your NBT results or if you have not written it, you provide your NBT registration number as proof of registration, letting the University know that you'll write the test and they will automatically recieve the results. I have put my NBT registration number upon the application along with the acknowledgement that I am upgrading. 

Yet I have just recieved an email for the University of Cape Town, yet again an unsuccessful application and now they're saying due to "minimum score requirements" which is basically the 'not competitive' line. And also "minimum NBT requirements". When I have clearly indicated that I am upgrading, thus the results that they should base me on have not been released and will be released next year January 2022 along with matric results. Therefore they have again judged me based on the results that I clearly indicated that I seek to improve which is unacceptable, because as a University they must acknowledge that they must base me on the merits of the new results. Also "minimum NBT requirements" is absolutely horrendous. I am still yet to write the NBT, which as well results are released around November. It does not make sense as the latest one must write the NBT to apply to UCT is August. And already in June, rejecting student that will write the test on 26th June. 

I am writing to you dear Sir/Madam as Universities tend to take advantage of students incandescently, due to lack of knowledge of civil rights. They are ruining lives and hopes as one works hard to achieve, just only to be robbed of opportunity unfairly. They cannot pass judgement during June, based on my previous results, when I have indicated that I am upgrading and these results, once more, are released along with the matric results in January 2022.

Please help. I really need this. I cannot be robbed of my desires and objectives. 

Kind regards 

Mr. H. P. Modise

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