Hello my name is Marius Botha from Port ...

Asked by Marius on 12-07-2021 23:14:10
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Hello my name is Marius Botha from Port Elizabeth eastern cape and I need legal advice according my 2month old daughter haylee claassens....  I am struggling to visit her from the day she was born there was a few times that the mother Monique claassens told me that I can come to visit her but if that day comes they will ignore me and won't answer my calls now I just left it wishing they Wil come by themselves and tell me they need me or whatever.... But yesterday I just snapped they are located in uitenhage eastern cape I'm in Port Elizabeth now like time passing I'm fighting for them to come and visit me I will pick them up and all that but always story's but yesterday she send me a message she wanted to come and say hello but she can't because of COVID-19 my family have COVID-19 passing away one by one she told me she at bruin flats the most dangerous drug flats you get in PE so I got furious because she's there with our child without my permission didn't even told me so I told her I'm on my way I'm picking them up but she refused once again told she don't want to be byy me anyway that night I had a talk with Monique's Mother phoebe claassens this is the chats 

MARIUS:HEllo tannie jmr ek pla Wil net laat weet ek gaan more vir covid toets en goed en Dan Wil ek net weet by tannie hoe op die lewende aarde Kan tannie toelaat dat Monique bruin flats toe gaan sonder dat sy dit met my bespreek die bruin flats is die gevaarlikse plek wat jy kry Dan Wil ek nie eens praat van die covid nie Kan tannie my asb net antw Bo op dit asb bespreek oor die feit dat my kind saam was......

PHOEBE: Ekskuus is jy getroud met haar

MARIUS: Ek worry nie oor haarr nie Dai bly my kind tannie

PHOEBE: En eks haar ma

MARIUS: Presies haar MA nie my kind se MA nie wys wat worry tannie daar gebeur moorde mense loop met guns skiet mekaar maar nogsteeds laat tannie haar gaan met my kind na Dai plek en Dan die covid is hoe erg daar maar nee tannie worry nie

PHOEBE: Kyk hier ne moet nie met my begin nie ek se jouEk nie tyd of krag vir jou kak nie en moenie vir my se ek warry nie .

MARIUS:  Of wat tannie of wat ek is nu ongelukkig nie die een wat verkeurd is nie julle moet begin aanvaar dat Dai kind het n PA en ek soek haar nie daar nie Hu haar eerder by tannie my vok man ek weet ek sorg nie nu nie maar ek sal enigetyd sorg as ek bietjie Meer deel gemaak word maar nu vang tannie hulle die kak aan om haar bruin flats toe te vat en tannie hulle Kan my niks maak nie ek is geregtig om te praat hoe ek voel en op te staan om my kind se lewe veilig te Hu maar by die poese bruin flats hoe is sy veilig daar

Afterwards no reply I need my life with my daughter I'm not paying any money told her I will bring whenever I can see my child please I need legal advice am I wrong or what can I do. 

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