MorningDue to work politics my husband l...

Asked by Charmaine Myburgh on 22-04-2022 10:34:22
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Due to work politics my husband lost his work and i was the only one working i did try and pay our monthly rent but we fell behind i also have a medical condition and look after some of out family members that also didnt have work. my husband started a bussiness that did not work out, i resigned to help fund the bussiness and due to ill health. when i recieved my pension i paid some of the arrear amounts on the hous i kept some of the money to assist in the bussiness i paid R50 000 to hire equipment and the people took the money without supplying goods.(long story) so the owner of the house applied for an eviction. my husband got consultation work that kept us going a little and we were able to pay for the water and by electricity but still could not afford the house rent we need to ne in court on 28/04/22 my husband waited to long to get legal aid and my name is also on the eviction i am scared now and dont know what to do on monday at court. we are trying to find other housing but the estate agents doesnt assist if you have a bad credit score. My husband is waiting now for a offer that was made to him for a permanent posision so we did try and ask the owner if we can stay here and double the rent and fix the damages on the house but he just wants us out and we can only move when my husband will get his full pay at the new work. i know everything sounds "deurmekaar" but i am scared and dont know what to do. we can only pay for a lawyer on theusday when my husbands invoice gets paid and some lawayers need immediate payment.

please ca you assist

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