We booked our landrover into a garage 2 ...

Asked by Grant on 05-07-2022 13:21:56
Question posted in the Consumer Protection Law category relating to Gauteng

We booked our landrover into a garage 2 years ago for a snapped crankshaft. We brought all the oparts needed from the deasler they recomended. When they assembled the Landorver and started up they then broke the engine again, this they admitted and we have in writing that they wewre going to pursue a claim on their insurence. In Jan 2022 I have a mail saying they are just waiting for the assecor, then I got the RMI involved, they got knowhere but have it on recoird that the engine was at the machine shop and would be back soon, We are now 2 years without our landrover, and no end in site. We want to sue them for the loss of use and for the ammount we paid for the Landrover, R99,000 , in additoion we have insured it for 2 years and not paid the licence disc, as a result we cannot now licene our other car. Surely was have a case after 2 years and a e mail stating they are fixing it.

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