HiI'm enduring quite a bit via children'...

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HiI'm enduring quite a bit via children's court. Besides that I'm a targeted parent for the past 5 years, and parental alienation is destroying my child's mind, I have reason to suspect that the social worker is bought. 

Cash for play. A strong alliance with an abuser.  The most telling is when she went rogue and pushed the applicants agenda vs following the Magistrate's decisions in court.Until I wrote in response to 3 days of email bullying of me, I responded:  IS HE PAYING YOU? Just like that she reverted back to what the magistrate had decided in court the week before. 

Also, I overheard the lawyers phone conversation in which she discussed the social workers part in interfering with access to my daughter (after 1 meeting ever with the applicant... the bias was weird and cruel)... they all didn't bring up this plan they had to the Magistrate. But a few days after court the social worker tried to enforce supervised visits in her office under her supervision for an hour a week. The magistrate had said contact was to resume for weekends at my house.  Chalk and cheese. 

The reports that have been handed into the courts records omit the abuse disclosures that my daughter had made to two teachers and myself. It omits the abusive and violent history of the applicant. They have made sure that everything is in his favour. And everything about me is politely harsh and not exactly right. The applicants affidavit is 97% false... plus the social workers (there was another one before this one)  seemingly supporting the falsehoods (they didn't bother phoning relevant contacts to verify facts, they phoned people regarding me though)... um... an intervention is urgent. I have plenty evidence to help. 

They were meant to include my disputed facts and the abuse problem that is at the core of the whole situation in their reports... despite diligently taking notes, they used nothing that I told them. Not even evidence of abuse. 

They don't know that I recorded our meetings. One meeting per social worker. If one gets a transcript of the meetings and compares to their reports... which I also have copies of... it is clear that there is bias and the goal has been to sabotage me. 

Also the one victim shamed me for stress symptoms.  They're committed to using anything in a light that it could count against me.  Complete indifference to me. None of my concerns have been validated nor investigated. 

I don't know how to articulate all this other than to say that these Badisa Trio social workers are corrupt. In line with conduct and ethics, they fail. 

Even the DSD auxiliary social worker is in for the high jump. He changed his recommendation because I missed an appointment. That could have been rescheduled.  A lipoma (tumour) ruptured in my abdominal wall. In March. Again in April. To this day, I'm suffering with it. I was just at the hospital Monday night because the pain made me faint and bash my chin the night before. So it's not a joke. I have ultrasounds and medical files in two medical establishments. So from recommending that my child reside with me he changed it to contact to resume. Punishment because he was going on leave and wanted to complete his files before his holiday. 

And the thing is... I am in contact with a multiple parents that have been harmed by social workers that work for Badisa Trio in the Northern Suburbs... all seem very much the same... aligning where the money is. Besides the actual stories of them hinting for a bribe for an honest report. 

So... I want to take them all down. Get these parents their kids back. 


LOOK into Badisa Trio.... they are a rich and dodgy NPO.  

DSD gave them R177 million in 2021. 30% of their annual revenue. That is besides the corporate sponsors, fundraising, donations, etc. 

Yet they have such a bad reputation? 

They break society, not build it. 

All these Social workers are dodgy and it's time us parents put our foot down. 

1.  I need an intervention with my current social worker. 3 unfair reports thus far. Next Court date 20 October in Kuilsrivier.

2.  The Badisa enterprise. The head office did nothing to help me regarding the social workers. I've complained at least 3 times. Plus to the supervisor. 

Imagine how many children are left with their abusers because of side cash?

Are you able to help in any way or recommend a way forward please?


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