I have logged a written dispute woth Ga ...

Asked by Philip Ferreira on 01-11-2023 08:44:57
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I have logged a written dispute woth Ga-Segonyana Municipality end January, 2023. I am disputing my water bill amount of R514 odd. 

During the month of January, we had stage 6 loadshedding. Kuruman's infrastructure are poor, and we had available water for maybe 4 hours a day, mostly at night after 22h00, for 3 weeks. The dispute arises from everytime when the pumps are running again, all the airbin the pipes runs through our meters, advancing the readings at an alarming rate. (I have video evidence) We are high up in town, and the whole town's air runs through our meters. Water finishes first, and gets back last.

Since logging the dispute, I have not received a single call or anything from Ga-Segonyana. In fact, mrs. Olyn advised me to pay, then they will investigate. I refused. But every month since February, they cut off our electricity because of the disputed amount. Then I have to call mrs. Olyn and ask to reactivate so we can buy electricity. 

Last night she told my that this is the last time, and I need to come in to sort it out. I feel that it is their responsibility to resolve this matter. I cannot take off work to do their jobs. 

How long can they nit do anything about it and get away with it? Going for 10 months now.

What do you advise please?

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