Hi there, last year i got married and st...

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Hi there, last year i got married and started new job around the same time, so i need to uodate some life insurance polidcies . 

I work in occupational hygiene and i had been working at a gold proceesing plant, the new job was underground at a shaft. while working at then palnt o did have plenty of travelling time to the sites and "outside sections"for inspection surveys and data collection.

In my new  role I would spend  4 Hours underground, 3-4 times  a week. my job title change from Occupational Hygiene Observer to Assistant occupational Hyginist it doesnt really matter in terms of ocuupation, because it is in the same field just one position is higher than the other but the work is the same, sort of. In this new role i would be a ventilation officer. but the job title remains the same, just the specific role within the scope of the work (Kinda Like Juniour Account to Accountant: Project Accounting it doesn't really make a difference if you were doing cost acounting instead, for life insuarnce) I hope this all makes sense.

So basically the changes were, 1. I would not longer be spending 10-15 hours on the road, instead i would be spending 12-16 hours underground2. I was married3. I wanted to get Bond life insuance (specifically for the house)4. I wanted to life insuarnce from Provider X to Provoder Z5. I wanted to increase my cover from R1M to R2M

She prepared the documents for me. I have the messages where i tell here clearly my job title is Assistance Occupational Hygienist (Ventilation Officer).

She prepared the documents stating that I am a Mine Inspector. This is not the same thing, not even remotely the same. Insurace after Insurance rejected this. ruining my chance to certain insurenaces because some policies not cover people who have been rejected/ defferred/ cancelled. 

Realising that she had used the wrong occupation, she said that her boss to her to use it, I feel like it is because she misrepresented me. she knew that I am not a mine inspector, and a mine inspector and an occupational Hygienist is noot the same thing. In the previous policy, she has be down as a hygienist so she has previously gotten it right. A Mine inspector is an auditor who travels to different mines and inspects them. So I Believe the issue is that she had be as traveling and Underground as opposed to just undergorund, she says the issue is working undergorund. This cannot be true, people work underground and still get insurance.

I want to sue her for this misrepresentation especially because it has impacted negativley, my abilty to get insurance independantly if I want to. I had taken out a sanlam indie policy which had gotten cancelled, i want to sue for the value of the cancelled insurance policy

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