Good evening I have a lawyer that drew u...

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Good evening 

I have a lawyer that drew up a parenting plan for me but the father of my child does not agree on anything I proposed so his lawyer send me his parenting plan and that again I don't agree with. She is only 17 months old. I want him so visit her on his weekends at my mom' place and not leave so his against it

This is his weekend with her and cause none of us agreed on anything the both of us don' know which parenting plan should come into play. So my lawyer told me that I must stick with mine he can come and visit her but at my mom' house which I'm fine with that.  But he flipped out when he came there and I told him. He threatend to sue me for sole custody cause I'm being spitefull.  I asked him do u know how a parent can get full custody of a child and he replied yes if you have blackmail on that person and if that person is not a good mother or drinks and takes drugs.  I' not too sure what he meant by blackmail on that person.  I have never used drugs and will have a cider on occasions but I don' drink every day or every weekend or even every month, I think the last time I had a drink was with his mom' birthday and that was in January.  I have never left my child side since she was born but he has stepped out on us on a couple of occasions for a good time.  He claims that she always gets hurt at my mom' house and never by him.  She did fall and cut her lip open.  Once after he left me and took our bed with him, so I was stuck with a single bed, my child sleeps in her cot next to me but the one night she fell of the bed while sleeping with me.  What is the chances of him winning full custody of her?  He is a master manipulator and bullies me into getting his way cause he know by him saying that too me I will give in.  But I just want to know how and when a court will give the father full custody.

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