Hi, I have a situation whereby a large c...

Asked by Steve on 23-01-2020 11:53:37
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Hi, I have a situation whereby a large corporate company namely "TP-link Technology" I signed a 2 year contract, which they did not honor, I was asked to leave 9 months shortly of the term. Oh by the way they dismissed me via email.. So I took them to the CCMA and won the case..

They inturn disputed the outcome as a court date was set for nearly a year later.. Finally the court date came, and they were asked to present evidence as to why they disputed the case/amount. In the meantime I was prepared to accept an offer of 4 months on the 20th Nov 2019, which they came back and said No they wanted the court to decide as they felt I was sufficiently compensated.. So another date was setup for the 8th Dec 2019.

The judge then ask for them to plead their case.. The judge then awarded me the full 9 months Again... So I had won the case outright.. The problem now is that they are not responding nor are they willing to settle the court order.

My question is where to from here... They have asked for the court transcript, which has now been sent to them.. Im afraid I do not know where I stand... What would be my best recourse..

Thank you, kind regards Steve

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 26-01-2020 19:39:41

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If they have asked for the record, it is because they are considering filing an appeal against the court order. 

What you need to do is to apply for a warrant of execution from the court, or the CCMA, and then send the sheriff to their offices to attach their assets or bank account. 

Att. Patrick

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