This is about a motor vehicle, And it st...

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This is about a motor vehicle, And it started in March of 2019.

Its a long story but ill try to make it short.

1# The bike shop is owned by an ex-family member. (sisters ex-husbands brother).

2# Friend has a Tshirt printing company.

3# I took out a loan of R50 000.

I  baught a bike from a business for R29 000 for a 50% share in a friends company.

The friend then closed the company and i took the bike back to the dealer and he was more then happy to give me my money back.

I then asked him about another bike he has that i would like to buy for myself. He told me that it would be R6000 extra on top of the R29000. I made the payment of R6000.

A day or so before the delivary i was told that the bike has a new buyer but i can get my R35000 back as soon as the buyer pays for the bike.

a while passes and i try to find out what is going on with my money and i am told that the buyer has almost payed up everything and i will get my money shortly.

I then asked if i could go into business with the bike shop.

They use my R35000 to buy and sell bikes and maby we can make a small profit, so i could repay the loan i made at the beginning.

Owner is fine with doing so and proceeds to buy a bike and fix it up for a sale. 

This happens about 3 times i think but i wasnt really kept up to date about the situation.

I asked for the money so i could repay the loan and that i only need the R35000 so i could at least get the monthly payments down a bit.

I was told that the next bike has already been bought.

About a month later i ask again what is going on? 

I am than told the they have bought a bike that i really like and that i could sell this bike myself and keep all the money.

I ask for details about the bike and a few days later i get pictures and a msg that just says 2001.

i look up the bike and see that the selling price is around R40 000.

So i wait about a month and then covid lockdown starts.

Another 3 months go by before i ask again what the situation is and im getting all these excuses about the lockdown.

After another 3 months i send someone to go look at the bike and the shop is gone.

I contact the owner and get the new adress.

I go to the new adress and he isnt there but im allowed inside to have a look at the bike.

the bike is a 1997 model and only worth about R20 000 acording to what i can see online.

I am not happy about being lied to at all and tell the owner i dont want that bike as its not what i was told and that its a massive loss for me. I send him my bank details for the 2nd time and ask him for my R35000 back. I dont care about any profits he made i just want my R35000 back.

He then calls me today, 8 days later. And tells me how I am acting like a child and that he spent more on the bike then my R35000 just to fix it and he is now making a loss.

I tell him again i just want my money back and i am not taking that bike.

I dont know what to do at this point and i dont know if i am going to get my money or not?

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