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My father's father(grandfather) married 2 wives in the 50s at Eastern cape and he build a house for both wives in different land space in King Williams town rural areas.Each wife had its own house and family..But my Grandfather died in 1995

The second wive (my grandmother)which is referred to as the small wife gave birth to my father's sister,father's brother and my father and his twin sister.

.My father's brother married and brought his wife to stay in my grandmothers house . But later left with his wife to Johannesburg and bought a house there as my father's brother was working there in the mines. 

My father's sister left and got a house in East London,Eastern Cape and stayed with her children.

My father left and stayed in Port Elizabeth where he got his own house.and met my mother and got married in 1996 that's when my twin brother and I were born 

The only people who were left in the house were my grandmother and my father's twin sister, but my father's twin sister died too in the 90s

My father took his mother(second wife-my grandmother) to stay with us in  Port Elizabeth as she was sick and alone in Eastern Cape,but she later too died in 2000. and there was no one living in grandmothers house in Eastern Cape

Later 2000,my father's brother and his wife went back to my grandmother house in Eastern Cape and built 2 more houses next to the one that was already there(next to my grandmothers house).And he went back to Johannesburg alone and left his wife to look after the houses in Eastern Cape

My father's wife(my mother) died in 2007 then my father sold his house in Port Elizabeth and took my brother and I to Cape Town to start Afresh

In 2010 my father's brother was involved in an accident in the mines in Johannesburg then decided to go back and live with his wife in Eastern Cape in my grandmother home. But later died and requested that his house in Johannesburg must be sold as he did not have children with his wife

After my father's brother death,the wife took everything from the family home in Eastern Cape(grandmother) and went back to her family

When my father and my father's family went to Eastern Cape to bury my father's brothers they got there and found nothing,the houses were empty inside and there were no animals in the kraal as my father's brother wife took everything

After my fathers brother burial my father came back to Cape Town and left everything as it was in his mother's house..He tried asking his brothers wife if the house in Johannesburg was sold but my father and father's brother wife were not good speaking terms

Last year my father died,and we as his children managed to bury him in Eastern Cape even though my grandmother home was empty

After my father's buriel,my father's brother wife came back to my grandmother house with everything he took and told us that my grandmother house(my father's family home) is hers.

I would like to know that,Does my twin brother and I has a right on the family(grandmother) house in Eastern Cape and my fathers brothers house in Johannesburg as my father's brothers had no children?

My father's sister is the only one left in the family and he is staying in his own house with his children in East London

My brother and I are the only grandchildren of the second wife that are still alive but we are afraid to go to our grandmother house,our father's home because of my father's brother wife who is staying there with her family

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