There is this woman I slept with. She no...

Asked by Anonymous on 07-01-2021 23:08:53
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There is this woman I slept with. She now claims we have a child together. In the run-up towards the birth, there were 2 instances where she gave proof that she was not pregnant once with a blood test from a doctor and the other time by way of video footage of her taking a pregnancy test (not really viable as you can’t identify her) This brings me back to the blood results from the dr 1. She at some stage claimed that she had someone fix it to show a negative result. (I am thinking this is fraud of some sort) 2. Between the time the negative result was presented to me and the baby was allegedly born only 6 a 6.5 months have passed. Now she did a present pic of a positive pregnancy test about 2 weeks after we slept together. She also claimed to have had an abortion which she then denied later hence the blood tests.

Now she has come back to harras me saying she wants child support and she even caused a huge scene at my place of work. I asked her to make the appointment for paternity tests as she wants child support she should provide evidence that I am the father. She refused to and states that I am the one that needs proof so I should do it and pay for it. Honestly I don't need proof of anything maybe just her mental stability because she has at times also said she will leave the child at my place of work and then we can see what happens. We also met to discuss the matter where she dropped the child into my lap as I was sitting in my car telling me to take it and raise it.

I told her that she is risking the child's life as I have been exposed to a COVID case at my place of work. She replied well if it dies I will at least be out of her life. I told her I would take the child to the orphanage as I will not take care of her child she grabbed the poor child and took it screaming that I will no such thing.

I need to know can:

1: Can I get a restraining order against this woman.

2: Who is responsible for the paternity tests?

3. How can I get this woman out of my life permanently to stop harassing me?


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