Hi, I need advice. I’ve been in an...

Asked by Carien on 19-01-2021 14:08:56
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Hi, I need advice. 

I’ve been in an on/off relationship with my husband for the last 5 years. Alot of it had to do with him supporting his ex and possibly having an affair with her when we were together. In May 2020 he promised to get his act together by asking her to get her own place and a job to support herself which he did. She moved into another flat with the kids as the kids did not want to stay but eventually ended taking him to maintenance court for child maintenance. Myself and my husband own a business together but our income was literally only enough to buy food and petrol. I suggested to my husband countless times to rent out the flat upstairs and to give his ex the money to rent a flat. I had no problem with that but based on the history of him and her it would be un natural and too stressful to live with his ex. On the 8th of October 2020 however I was in an almost fatal accident, I broke my pelvis, leg and arm. At the moment im still semi disabled. On the 9th of October while I was still in hospital waiting to be operated he moved his ex and the kids back into the house without discussing it with me nor telling me. When I realised he was acting weird over the phone I asked him if they were living there and he said yes. I was discharged at the end of October, it has been emotionally stressful as we have to share the kitchen, batrooms etc. What was once my sons room is now a storage space for his ex's stuff. My son currently sleeps in the lounge. When I set terms of our marriage my husband also put me under false pretences that he had a successful business and that if I left my job and moved that I would work with him and that I would not have to worry about my car payments. In November I had to sell my car or it would get repossessed. Our relationship has gotten to the point where we cannot communicate with each other any more. I have no where to go, no job and no transportation. I cannot handle the emotional abuse and disrespect any more. Should I start divorce proceedings, what am I entitled to? We are married in community of property. 

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