Good afternoonI am looking for legal adv...

Asked by refilwe on 25-01-2021 14:13:47
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Good afternoon

I am looking for legal advise on a parental rights matter. Background below:

The father of my child has been absent from her life since she was about 6 months old - she turned 2 earlier this month. In addition to being physically absent - he has been financially absent as well. He is listed as her father on her birth certificate - this is what is posing a challenge. I find myself unable to do quite a bit without his consent - things like applying for a passport for my child to registering her to a creche. They all need his consent. I have recently done some reading on suspending/terminating or restricting parental rights and would like to know if this is at all an option for me and my child.

He has clear drinking issues, and has only called once in almost 2 years to see the child, intoxicated and in no positon to see anyone - let alone a 2 year old.

We've had issues with him showing up in my neighbourhood unannounced and just lurking around - a few of my neighbours have seen him standing outside my gate. When he has been drinking, he is terribly irrational and does not practice logic before he acts. I have months worth of emails with him threating to kill himself if I do not get back together with him. We work for the same orginasation and I had to refer the matter to HR who then refered him to Icas for councelling and assistance. Not sure if he completed this process. He is unstable.

Are you able to provide any advise on this matter?



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