Good day myself and my husband are gonna...

Asked by simoneN on 03-02-2021 13:50:04
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Good day myself and my husband are gonna go through a divorce however we have two kids one with special needs and the other one that's 9 years old I've had to stop working to look after the little one that has special needs and is 4 years old my husband works in Afghanistan and my marriage with him for 10 years has been parts of the emotional and physical and and mental trauma and abuse. I have no family as my mum has passed away a year ago. This morning his parents locked up at my door and threaten me and accuse me of Lying and mistreating as well as abuse of drugs and alcohol I do believe that this is sour grapes because of the divorce however. They have threatened that they will have people from a church coming to evaluate myself and my kids so that they can see whether I am suitable mum and weather I am mistreating my kids. There isn't any reason why they can accuse me as a I am and have always been the best mum I can be for my kids. I would like to know what am I rights with regards to allowing these people to do an evaluation in my house on me and my kids as well as ours spoken to like a piece of dirt and told that my reasoning for the divorce with regards to the abuse I received is nonsense and they don't believe it and he has confessed apparently to what he's done but I don't think he has confessed to everything because if you did I can guarantee you his parents wouldn't be backing him up. He is my financial support due to the reasoning of me being a home Mum and looking after my special needs child with BWS which is a very rare syndrome beckwith-wiedemann syndrome. I have encountered many many times when my husband has been online chatting to other woman he has placed adverts offering the services to erotic massages two other woman and on all the chats rooms making himself single and asking for couples activities and part-time friends 2 have sex with. He has also send pictures of his private parts two other woman all over the internet and engaged in conversations stating sexual activities with a couple. He also verbally and emotionally abuse me when I confronted him of all these things and then after eight years sorry I mean 7 years he physically started abusing me. 5 years ago he wanted to divorce this was sent to me on WhatsApp and the next day when at work I came home and his stuff was gone. His child was 2 years old and cried every night for his father but his dad didn't wanna know anything. He then came and meet me at spur six months later just before the divorce is gonna be finalized and asked me to take him back. I took him back I try to work at the marriage but I just never fit never being good enough. I also have never gone behind his back and spoken bad about him or Morton Downey anyway but he is done that with everyone or no and his family and I lost everything I lost all my friends I am alone and I need help please there's much more to say about this matter please if you can assist me what are my rights with regards to my kids because they want to take them away for nothing and my rights with regards to being treated ill by his family and being threatened and is fully enforced by them. I need help please with regards Simone joy-ann Naude/Nicholls.

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