Hi there Iam in the process of a divorce...

Asked by Anonymous on 04-02-2021 12:11:18
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Hi there - Iam in the process of a divorce and I must sign the settlement agreement - I have split up our assets so that my ex wife receives half - she got approximately R900 000 from a property we owned and have sold - then there was another property which my mother had given to me as my inheritance - we had always agreed that she would not touch that if we divorced - anyway to cut a long story short I have paid her R300 000 from that property sale after receiving numerous threats from her. I have left her with a considerable amount of money to carry on her life with my two girls.

How does it work with rental? And this is where I need your advice - she is currently renting - do I by law have to pay a portion of her current rental? - she is in the process of building a new house with the 1.2 million I left her - the settlement agreement says nothing of the rental portion which is R3700  monthly - if she builds a new house with the money I left her am I still liable to pay a portion considering I have left her R1.2 million - please advise. 

Also , IAM presently unemployed and the settlement she wants is very high for me - she wants R11300 month which includes R3700 rental - the settlement also states that it will go up by 10% every year -is this the norm?

I will not sign to anything until I hear what you have to say.


Anthony Colley


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