Good dayI recently moved our of a rented...

Asked by Eugene on 20-04-2021 11:24:16
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Good day

I recently moved our of a rented property after having a horrible time with the landlord. Besides many things In March 2020 at the start of the pandemic due to no maintance over 4/5 years the oven broke. We we left without one and when I contacted him he just said as always that he does not have money. A few months went by and I received some horrible bills from COJ - I ask the landlord to assist as I was sure that there was something wrong on the billing. This was in August 2020 - he never came back to me and just ignored my request. I kept paying the same amounts more or less but could not keep up with the bill. We started looking for a new place and I had a long chat with one of the agents who was kind enough to look at some things. One of the things that came up was that he was making me pay the full COJ accounts with rates and tax included he also bullied me with paper work and made me pay levies to the complex. In 5/6 years he did nothing in the house and now that we left he came back to me more than a month later with a R20 000 COJ bill and maintaince that he is unhappy about. This was merely a few walls that needed paint eventhough I painted 3 room out and left the remaining piant there for him. This was the first time that the house was ever painted inside in the years we lived there. This is an attorney though and really bullish man that has now treatend me with this bill after months of asking him to help me as the amount were getting out of hand. To top it all off we only had one contract that we signed in 2016 with a few adendums up until 2019. We never missed a single payment on the rent and even tried keeping up with the COJ accounts. He is simply saying the full accounts were my responsibility and even after me asking for him to assist when something was wrong he just shoots it off or stop replying to those mails and starts a new mail. I made all my payments with EASYPAY using his name and my number as reference and I am trying to get all the references from EASYPAY but is it not a good system so it has been quite the mission. I gave him notice and left my deposit and left the house on the 1st of March - I gave him the keys on the 4th as I had to leave it at someone in the complex as he always avoided me. There has been no inspection - not when we moved in or when we moved out as well. We did as much as we could in the 5/6 years to maintain the place up to a point were we even considered painting it outside as it was starting to look really bad. Besides the oven delay unless he could claim insurance we for the carpets we had to move my son's room due to the smell from the roof leaking in his room. He left that for 2 year and eventually when the roof nearly came down and the walls started maulding he cliamed and had it fixed. In the years we were renting this house we had to fix everything and pay all things which was not part of our responsibilty however he bullied us into it as he knew we had no other place to go. 

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