On 19 November 2021 my previous company ...

Asked by Nandi Du Plooy on 12-05-2022 15:28:45
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On 19 November 2021 my previous company Barnes Fencing called me and 2 of my colleges in , we have sold stock to one of my colleges friends and she collected the money from them and we bought the stock from Barnes Fencing at a cheaper price and made a total of R11,000.00 profit afterwards we sent an invoice to her friend with the price he thinks he paid for the stock, and this was the major issue that we made a fraudulent invoice , they agreed if we resign on the spot and write a statement on what happened they will not peruse with legal action., so this is what we did we were forced to resign and write a statement just there and then , then we were followed home to go and collect all the companies possessions, in my case a laptop. The afternoon I had put my phone on charge and when I looked at it again my phone had an notification that my private phone has been remotely reset to factory settings , when I go my phone back up and running again I received an email from my gmail account that there was an loggin from Kempton park that is where Barnes is situated with the IP address , as my email was still logged in at my computer at work they had access to all my personal details, I changed my passwords and on 2 December 2021 I had an notification from facebook that there has been another loggin from kempton park with an IP address again, I sent a whatsapp to Johan the investigator and asked to please tell the people to stop invading my privacy.

Tuesday 10 May 2022 my step dad that also works for them came home and gave me 2 papers one is with his ID that was changed to my cousins' details that has been missing for the past 6 years, I have to admit that I did alter my step dads ID to my cousins details for personal reasons my cousin had cancer and one of this friends recently told me that he heard that my cousin passed away , I tried all channels to find out if that was true and no one in our family has an copy of his ID , eventually I phoned JHB Gen to find out but they could not have helped us unless we send a copy of his ID , please note I never did this, we eventually found out he is still alive from home affairs. The only thing I did with this altered ID was pulled credit reports to find out where was his last address or telephone number, back to the point so my step dad was comforted on Tuesday by Barnes and asked did he know I was doing this , in the case he did not know so he said that he will have to undergo a Polygraph test yesterday and passed the Polygraph test, he also had to provide a copy of his credit report to prove that I did not do any thing illegal on his name , he also provided that. Then Johan told him to pass a message to me yesterday that they are going forward with this case. 

I would like them to please follow with their promise that when we resigned they will not peruse with us as we did resign on that day, and if that is not the case I want to please peruse to take this further as there was many unlawful things I have witnessed and had to do while working for them in the past 9 years as just last year I was sent an email with questions and answers they wanted me to rehearse and testify at the Metal Industry with a case against Numsa that they won , I am also gathering statements of people that was physically assaulted by two men that Barnes paid to assault them but they had no lead to prove that these men was paid by Barnes to do so, I knew but for the sake of keeping my job I did not say anything all these years of doing things and keeping secrets has caused me unnecessary stress I want to be compensated for or they can leave me alone and we can call it quits 

Kind regards?


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