Good morning,I'm Nomsa. I need an advice...

Asked by Penelope on 05-02-2023 10:46:58
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Good morning,

I'm Nomsa. I need an advice regarding the house my partner bought from the bank. Okay, what happened was...previous owners of the house, after the husband passed away the wife left to stay in KZN & abundant the house. Apparently, her & the husband had 2 kinds but unfortunately 1 died, however, the husband had a child outside which she's the one who came to occur the house when her aunt told her to stay in the house than letting her father's house die just like that.  Well, after some time she also left the house abundant due to money schemings she was involved to. Then, the same aunt which is a sister to the late father of the house, asked my mother in law if she knows anyone who can occupy the house just to make sure it does get more destroyed by the nyaopes as they were already staying in that house & the neighbours were starting to complain as there was criminality happening in there. My mother in law told my partner about the & he went to check the house & he found the house in a bad state. The house didn't have electricity, ceiling, paint fading, no wall, no gate, no floor tiles. When he moved in it was almost 25 years the wife & the kids left the house. The agreement between the aunt & my partner his stay there as long as he wants without paying any rent because she's been bagging the wife to come back but she refused. Then, as my partner was staying he decided to fix the house, paint inside & out, putting ceiling the whole house, wall & gate & electricity. After 3-4 month the family of the house came, it wall & gate & electricity. After a year or so, family of the house came & claim the house but my partner told them how he moved in there unfortunately the aunt was already passed on. Then the wife said, my partner must pay rent which was R3500 but he refused because he had already fixed the house & they did not at what state of the house was as they appear to see the the way it is. Well, the final agreement was my partner should pay R1500 however, they sent him a business account then he was confused as to why the wife's elder son from previous relationship not the owners personal account. There was running water crisis in the area then, the municipality ordered the community to pay for water so they can fix the the problem, my partner was one of the people who paid, just after he paid to the municipality he started to receive letters 1 from some peramid scheme, 2 was for someone "who's the owner" that's made him not paying rent as he was confused. Then they just kept quiet. After sometime a guy from Nedbank showed up with valuate the house because it was under Nedbank at that time & he asked my partner if he wants to buy the house & my partner agreement. He gave him some forms to fill & told him to go the the branch. My partner did that & bought the house. So, now the wife & the kids wants the house & they want us to move out.

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