Good dayi saw a property advertised on f...

Asked by michelle on 25-10-2023 11:14:56
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Good day

i saw a property advertised on facebook and contacted the owner/ landlord,

this was 03/10/2023 i told the landlord i have to move out of my current flat on the 31st of oct and i needed the unit he was advertising, he then told me it was still available and i asked if i could pay the deposit the next day to secure the unit as i really needed it.

he told me that was not a problem i then paid over the amount of R5950 The following day,

he informed me as soon as he received the payment in his account he would take the advertisemen for the unit of facebook 

the next day he told me he received my deposit and that he took the ad of facebook he then sent me a contract and asked for my id copy and name and details to get the paperwork in order while i was filling the contract in before i could send it back to him he informed me he will get all the paperwork ready for the monday to be signed so i asumed after he took my id and all mmy details he would set up a typed contrsact and that was what he propably was refering to when he said he will have paperwork ready monday....

never heard from him again until i sent him a msg on the 24th of october asking if i should scan and send back the contract as i never received paperwork to be signed like he said other than the contract 

as i was starting to get concerned of only having 6 days left before i had to move into the unit only then did he send me a pdf letter it was a withdrawal letter stating that he is very sorry to inform me that for curcumstances out of his control regarding the current tenant agreement the unit is no longer available and that he has send the matter to his financial department to pay back my deposit 

this 20 days after i paid the deposit 6 days before i haveto move out of my current flat i now have no time to find a new flat and even if i got one he still has my deposit i wont be able to pay a deposit for the new flat if i found one since he sent the letter yesterday morning i haave non stop tried getting hold of him begging for a reason and for my deposit i have since not heard 1 word back from him nor have i received my deposit.

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