We have signed a 6 months lease, end of ...

Asked by Ronelle Godfrey on 19-02-2024 09:39:40
Question posted in the Landlord Tenant Law category relating to Gauteng

We have signed a 6 months lease, end of Feb would be the 5th month.

We have had lots of issues regading damp walls and mold and have notified the landlord , as this is a health issue, but nothing has been done. A few weeks ago we were flooded, water came seeping through the walls, the next day , I was electrocuted , via the taps , I turned off the mains , and still I was electrocuted, i notified the landlord, they came to sort out the issue.

The landlord said that if we not happy living there she understands and is a reasonable person and will not hold us to the lease agreement, as she herself would not like to live in that conditions

We feel unsafe , the walls are still wet and moldy , we have given notice and month meaning that we will not live there up until month 6, she now says that we not allowed to do that as our contract is 6 months.

She breeched the contract by not providing us with a safe and hygeinic, structurally sound place to live in , please advise.

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