Yesterday 12th March 2024 I went into sh...

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Yesterday 12th March 2024 I went into shoprite with my 4 year old daughter to return baby formula that I did not need as I'm 9 months pregnant and it was a gift from my baby shower. 

I had a shoprite receipt proving that the milk was bought there, but the cashier had not taken off the taken on the milk. 

I went straight to the kiosk where the returns are being made and when I showed the cashier the milk she asked me how did the milk leave the store without the tag being taken out, my response was that this was a gift but the receipt is present and these mistakes do happen, maybe the cashier forgot to take off the tag. 

The cashier called the supervisor and they said the milk is not even on the receipt so they have to go look at the footage if I went into the store and stole the milk. 

So the supervisor took the milk and receipt to the camera room. 

30 minutes later I'm still standing waiting for my milk then the supervisor came back and said the manager instructed that I can't leave the store as I have shoprites stolen property.

That is where I lost it and took the milk and receipt from the supervisor. 

The manager came out of the office and said I can't leave as I was making my way out of the shop , I said I'm leaving as I did not steal. 

He said I can only leave if I produce the slip of the milk. 

I said maybe I took the wrong slip from my house, he raised his voice shouting at me saying I'm not leaving the store and this time the other customers are looking at me  and some even came and said I should just pay for what I stole. I forced my way out to leave the manager then shouted for the security to stop me from leaving the store. 

The embarrassment and pain and suffering that I was caused made me have pains at this point as I was crying and shouting they should let me go. 

After an hour of commotion the supervisor came back and said the milk is actually on the receipt. 

The manager still was sceptical and said i should still leave the milk behind because the tag was not taken out.

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