I am seeking advice regarding a dispute ...

Asked by lacoste19033 on 30-01-2015 18:02:19
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I am seeking advice regarding a dispute i am having with the landlord.
I have rented a property through a agency and owner for the last 12months.

The lease is up,and now the owner is saying i need to replace the carpets.A cost of R9800.
The carpets as of today are 9years old(this is when the unit was built)
So we moved into the place when the carpets were already 8years old.

I have 2 dogs,and i accept responsiblity that they have ''damaged'' the carpets.Yet i feel it is unfair to charge
me the replacing of 8-9year old carpets when i only stayed here for 1 year.

I have done some research online,and many sites(basically all of them)state that the average lifespan of a household carpet is 8-10years.Also i have seen some laws(specifically from the US,that states that the tenant is required to pay a pro-rata rate.eg,if lifespan is 10years,and and i moved in here with 2years left,i would need
to pay 2/10years which is 20% of the quote of R9800.Which equalls R1960.

Im not sure what the SA law says,so some legal advice would be great thanks.

to sum up:im basically think its unfair and unacceptable for me to replace 8-9year carpets with brand new ones,since i have only rented here for 1 year.

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