Good day. My name is Jonathan C...

Asked by Jonathan Samuels on 20-04-2015 10:30:25
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Good day.

My name is Jonathan Samuels.

Been struggeling for more then 2years to get paternity test done to find out if I'm the legal father of a baby girl, now 1 year and 6 months old. Mother refuses to do test, yet she tells everyone I'm the father and dragging my name through the mudd. I've offered to pay for test myself on 2 occasions, the first time she never showed up at the apointment back then she was in a abusive relationship, second attempt she refused again after agreed to do it verbally a few days before the time. She claims she changed her mind because of what happened more then 2 years ago. When i found out i was shell shocked because I used protection that night, but you can never be really sure. I told her to get and abortion becuse I was not ready, after a few weeks i msde peace with the fact that i might be a father so i told her the child will get the best care money can buy if its mine but first let me do the test. To this day she refuses, she keeps trowing it in my face about what I said all those years ago but yet she claimed she wants the child to know her father but she refuses to do the test. To make matters worse, I saw the child twice, she allowed the child to visit my house when she was 6 months old, i didnt see any resemblence that was the first time i tried to go for the test. Second time was last month (March 2015) child was already grown and while we were talking the child called me daddy, she printed it into her head already that I'm her father, even her grandmother told the child 'look there's your daddy". I need to know what my rights is, so i can know for use if its mine so i can start playing a role in the childs life.

Hope to hear from you soon

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