Good day, we had a lease contract from l...

Asked by WilmaO on 05-05-2016 15:30:36
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Good day, we had a lease contract from last year June 2015 to April 2016. Due to unforseen circumtances we had to move end of Nov 2015. I gave notice on 06/10/15 that we will be moving out end Nov 15. The landlord said that it is my duty to get new people for the flat for the remainder of my contract which I did. She carried over my deposit to the new leasor without my permission. I kept quite as I thought that is how it works. She did not do a inspection when we moved in or out. Now the people has moved out and the carpets have burn marks on them and she wants me to pay for it, which I feel is unfair. And the other party just say that it was not them. What should I do now? I also think that she also had a contract with them does that not make my contract nil amd void. I hope you can assist me.

Thank you

Wilma O'Riley

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