hi i need help regarding a blackmail cas...

Asked by desiree on 26-02-2018 16:53:50
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hi i need help regarding a blackmail case against me

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there was porno photos taken of me without my concent and i was offer money for sex videos. i agreed on videos but not on 200 photos taken without my knowlage . when i confronted him he offered me money he sighned a letter of quilt and paid me but now he opened a case of blackmail against me. jis lawyer phoned me refuse to give me his personal info

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 26-02-2018 23:08:09

Hi there and thank you for your question,

This is a further information request. Please continue in this same question conversation so that I can see your reply.

This sounds like a bit of a double reverse blackmail against you in an attempt for him to get money out of YOU so that he won't continue with pressing charges against you. 

The first clue is that his lawyer won't give you any of his personal information. If he really is a lawyer, he should be only too happy to tell you his name, the name of his company, his telephone number, his email address, etc.

No, this is a SCAM.

My advice is that you should NOT give into the blackmailer or his "lawyer". I am certain that the next thing that you hear from them is that they want the money back, and they want more money from you. They will say that if you comply with that demand then they won't go to the police again to report you for "blackmail".

That will only lead to you paying them more and more and more money. Once a blackmailer has you hooked, they will never let go.

You should consider reporting the matter to the police now, before they can. This does however mean that you need to be open and honest with the police. The police generally believe the person who reports the matter first. 

You should also give the police a copy of the letter of guilt that this guy signed. That will prove that there is no blackmail on your behalf; prove that you were actually just trying to get reimbursed for photos that he took that he was not meant to take!

What you could also do is to go to the police station and ask them to check on their CAS system for your ID number, or name, and see if any complaint has been filed against you. They can do this and let you know. Then you will know for sure if this guy is telling you the truth or not.

99% I'm sure that this guy is trying to SCAM you. Don't be afraid; and don't give in to him. Try get somebody to assist you in dealing with this guy who is level-headed and calm. Don't let him (or his pretend lawyer) bully you into believing something that is not true.

What else can I help you with?

Att. Patrick

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Information provided by client

This is what he send me. I am at carnival and don't even have a car I have been to his house on the day he took the fotos an never again. Can't u maybe help me with a message I can send himso that he will get off my case?

Goeie middag lilian
Ek wil jou eerstens net reghelp ek is nie n prokureur nie en het dit ook nie genoem nie ons het n mandaat ontvang van Attie Swanepoel waar hy ons versoek om n ondersoek te doen waar hy afgepers en gedreig word .Ek is inbesit van bewys materiaal en opnames as bewyse stukke .Ek het jou gekontak en dit aan jou verduidelik.Jy het dit geignoreer en na Mnr Swanepoel se woning toe gery en dit betree sonder sy toestemming en dit is ook op rekord waar jy die betreding erken.Ek stel dit weereens aan jou dat indien jy voortgaan om Mnr Swanepoel af te pers en te dreig asook sy woning onwettig binne te gaan ons genoodsaak sal wees om onmiddelik aansoek te om n lasbrief vir jou inhegtenisname . Ons is in die proses om n saakdossier op te bou met genoegsame inligting.Jy is welkom om n prokureur te kry en indien jou prokureur enige navrae het kan hul die kantoor skakel .Supra sekuriteit en ondersoeke te tellefoon nommer 0787683209/0787011145

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 27-02-2018 12:07:23

Hi there,

You really can't go to this man's house again. Especially not without his permission. You are liable to be charged and arrested for illegal trespassing. Please don't do that. I see that you say that you didn't go to his house, but he says that he has evidence that you did? Either you did or you didn't. It all sounds quite strange.

Here is a message that you can send him -

"Dear Sirs, I have received your message. Please note that I am not trying to extort or threaten Mr Swanepoel. I have no further interest in Mr Swanepoel. As far as I am concerned, Mr Swanepoel has paid me for my services and has signed a letter admitting that he took my photos without my permission. This issue has been resolved between us. I will not again contact Mr Swanepoel. I will also undertake not to go to his house unless I am specifically requested to do so. You are welcome to continue your investigations, however due to the fact that this matter is finalised, I want nothing further to do with Mr Swanepoel. Kind regards"

This message is on the basis that you don't want anything further to do with Mr Swanepoel?!

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