Good day,i was involved in a car crash w...

Asked by JohannathanMendes on 25-04-2018 12:39:30
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Good day,

i was involved in a car crash where my mirror collided with a car parked half way in the road. I did not realize I had connected with the other car until I had already passed. I was not able to stop due to traffic and the road sides being curbs with poles on top. 

I proceeded to drive around the city block to return to the scene. When I arrived back at the scene the other driver had left. I drove around trying to find the car but was unsuccessful. 

I then went to the local police station to report it. The officer did not allow me to report it because I did not have the other drivers details. So I filled out a Affidavit stating the events and got it stamped and signed. 

I am quite stress the driver thinks I fled the scene and has reported it as a hit and run.

It is a minor mirror bump but as I understand a crash is a crash no matter the serverity. 

What legalities are there I can follow/do to do my part in resolving this matter? 

Will I end up in court? I don’t have the money to afford legal representation.

 Hope have a valid drivers, my vehicle license is valid.

Kind regards.

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 25-04-2018 13:52:47

Hi there and thank you for your question,

There is, in my opinion, no need to be worried about fleeing the scene. In order for the police to prove that, they will need to prove that you INTENDED fleeing the scene so as not to be caught.

You have an affidavit stating otherwise! That is gold.

If the person reports the matter to the police, the only way that they will really get back to you is if the person has a witness who can testify as to your licence plates.

BUT, this is not a criminal offense - this was an accident.

I HIGHLY douby that the police will investigate this matter. Especially based on your affidavit.

I don't think that you should be worried at all. I'm sure that the other person will simply report the matter to their insurance company and then move on.

I don't think that you need to do anything at the moment.

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Att. Patrick

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