I work in a payroll office. We are 3 emp...

Asked by Antoinette on 23-11-2019 12:16:52
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I work in a payroll office. We are 3 employees in the office. Most of the time we are behind closed door. Recently one of my colleagues started victimizing me with sly remarks and comments. I ignored this. Until I realized that someone is going through my bag. As it had to be either of my colleagues and as it will be a he said she said situation if I confront them, I placed my phone on record whilst I'm not in the office. I have it on record that it is actually both employees and that they were talking pictures of a book in my bag insinuating that I use spells at work, burning sage etc. All of this not being true. I went to manager informing her that someone is going through my bag. She called both employees and both denied it. I informed manager of the recording. Can the recording be used as evidence? And can I loose my job for recording employees without their consent?

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