Hello I have been living in my mother's ...

Asked by Charmaine on 11-02-2020 13:58:28
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I have been living in my mother's house which she verbally agreed with me that my family and I can live there as she is old and cannot maintain it and she will live with her daughter in a granny flat I built on the same property. She now Wants to move back  into her house after I've done all the renovation on this house to me and my family's requirements. She mentioned to me that on her Denise the house will eventually be mine. She has now gone back on her word, ubgir8i didn't think to get it in writing as I thought she is my mother and we did not need anything in writing. She is now complaining saying that the flat she is living on is damp and Making her ill. It's just an excuse she is 77 years old and getting ill because she is unwell, besides she even brought social workers over to look at her living condition and they found nothing wrong with it and even mentioned that she has nothing to complain about her living condition is perfect. I ham paying for the bond taken on the property to build her granny flat as well as maintain all the buildings on the property, paying all the utilities as well as the rates and house insurance and giving her R1500 a month. She asked me to move out last March 2018 and I tokd her I needed to renovate my brothers house on the sane property and move on there so she must be patient to which she agreed, we then ran short on cash so asked her for an extension to December because my daughter was also writing matric and we did not want to disrupt her studies to which she agreed. In the interim our reserve ran low as I did not expect that the renovation will cost so much. I took a loan to do this renovation and it Wasnt enough. I can't afford to take an additional loan as I am already paying for this loan, bond utilities and other commitments which I explained to my mother, I told her I don't have additional money I will try and save and my brother is gonna assist me with cash she nud8be patient another 6 months and the house renovation will be completed then I will move out

 She is now threatened to go get an eviction notice after knowing my predicament. She got her pro bono lawyers to call me to ask me to leave by end of February if not she will get me evicted. I'm not sure what course to take here as I have nowhere to go yet she still expects me to continue to pay all these bills related to her proprr9, the bond, utilities and give her money but I must move out of the house I'm living in. I have not had a falling out with her for her to warrant this. She is also constantly verbally abusing my family and I

Thank you. I look forward to your response

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