My Ex partner whom I paid lobola has ope...

Asked by Titus on 29-08-2020 07:05:08
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My Ex partner whom I paid lobola has opened a fraud case against me for changing the the ownership of the cars that I bought with my pension fund.

I changed the ownership of the cars back to my name without her signature but with her consent over the phone because at her workplace they were told that the law doesn't allow them to be involved in the public transport business.

And the reason why I registered the cars under her name was because we wanted to increase her affordability to apply for a home loan since she was could not qualify due to her commitments and salary. The agreement was that when we have secured a home loan I would change the cars back to my name. 

Now that we separated she wants me to come back to her and if not she threatened to open a fraud case against me which I refused and as a result she did. 

The cars are working in uber. 

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Posted by Att. Patrick on 31-08-2020 21:40:27

Hi there,

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Then you must contact the SAPS investigating officer and explain your story to him; that it was done with her specific agreement and there was a valid reason.

Att. Patrick

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