I am 8 years with a guy who has beaten m...

Asked by Louise on 08-10-2020 09:28:01
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I am 8 years with a guy who has beaten me had affairs and left me with people for days before he comes to fetch me and our yorkie ..my mother died in march this year that night i was left alone without food or electricity i had to borrow money for him just to take me to Middleburg so i can say goodbye to her before she was cremated he left me there saying he will come and fetch me in 3 days i didnt have any money or food for the dog 2weeks later he had a picture of another woman on his profile i was left with nothing..He called and said he missed us and that he is coming to fetch us then i heard he gave up our home that same day i left for my mother all my stuff was put in bags and stored at a plot with people he calls his dad and mom ..he came to fetch me and our dog from my sister and left us with his grandma for 2 days laying again saying its one night..now me and the dog are living in a room with only a bed and kettle he treats me like i am a dog he leaves me here for days not seeing anyone he only comes when he thinks he must leaving me without sigarettes or food he treats me like nothing screams at me he makes alot of money now buys fones and cars he broke 4 of my fones sold all my stuff for his bail of R2000 in 2016 wich i never got back because he fled he didnt go to court i am a wreck he  sleeps with girls and i must wash that clothes with my hands..can you help me to sue him this man is abusing me i want to die nobody wants to help me and he laughs at me because i have nothing ..he bribes officers because he doesnt have a lisence and gets away do i have a case 

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